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E-commerce & transport systems
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Blue Integrator –
E-commerce and transport systems

E-commerce is growing rapidly and more and more different systems are becoming necessary in order to gather information, communicate with customer and supplier, and book transport.Blue integrator allows you to easily connect multiple systems into one.

Twenty years ago, no-one could have dreamed that Internet purchases could be made, but today we are there. We have the opportunity to sit home on the couch and do everything from small daily purchases to large, well-considered investments. E-commerce grows bigger every day and more customers, suppliers and storage systems require stable e-commerce platforms and more secure integration between existing systems.

BlueIntegrator facilitates your e-commerce company by:  

  • Automate the flow
  • Connect transport systems with other systems within the company
  • Manage both incoming and outgoing transport messages
  • Managing changes and updates
  • Reduce the risk of incorrect information or problems caused by the human factor.


BlueIntegrator creates a simple, tailored and smooth integration that manages changes in both internal and external systems.


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