Boråstapeter’s system changes are enabled by a modern integration solution

26 September, 2023

The Nordics’ leading wallpaper manufacturer is continuing its digitization journey. With a new CRM system and e-commerce platform, the company has established an appropriate business environment for further technical advancements. While system changes can easily become complex and resource-intensive, Boråstapeter has greatly benefitted from its existing integration engine, Blue Integrator. Using this modern integration engine, the company’s system changes have gone smoothly and according to plan.

By switching to the e-commerce platform, Litium, and the CRM system Salesforce, Boråstapeter is creating a reliable, flexible and coherent IT environment which will work seamlessly with its existing business system, Jeeves. Blue Integrator is used as a hub that makes it possible to communicate between the different subsystems in a secure, effective and reliable way.

“A change of this kind naturally requires a lot of planning and proper preparatory work. Thanks to our existing integration engine, the switch has been technically uncomplicated and without any glitches. With the help of Blue Integrator, we have avoided a new ‘integration project’. Instead, we have been able to reuse a large part of our existing integrations to and from our various subsystems”, comments Åsa Idehall, application manager at Boråstapeter.

E-commerce becoming increasingly important to the business


Boråstapeter’s system changes have, in part, been driven by the fact that e-commerce has become increasingly critical to business operations. The company’s products must be available in several markets and it needs to be able to effectively control and update, for example, assortment, product data and price information from one place.

“Just like in many other companies, e-commerce is a decisive success factor. With the new e-commerce solution, we now can use the same platform for both consumers and retailers. By using Blue Integrator, we can at the same time simplify our processes so that updates such as price, design, product data and stock balances, are quickly available for all markets when it is requested”, continues Åsa Idehall.

“An integration engine saves us an enormous amount of time. It allows you to avoid resource and time intensive direct integration work, and at the same time it is also possible to connect and change different subsystems without integrations becoming a bottleneck. With the competence and experience of Blue Integrator and Connect Companies, our integration work has proceeded effortlessly and efficiently in relation to the system changes we have implemented”, concludes Åsa Idehall.

A company with history


Boråstapeter is a long-standing company with roots from the beginning of the 20th century when Waldemar Andrén founded Boråstapeter. His vision was that “all Swedes should be able to create a more beautiful home with the help of wallpaper.” Read more about Boråstapeter here».


About Blue Integrator


A clear advantage of Blue Integrator is that it’s extremely easy to install and use. By supporting standards such as UBL, Peppol, Edifact and X12, it is also very flexible and supports numerous integrations.

Instead of registering and retrieving information from many different subsystems, Blue Integrator’s integration engine can manage all information from one place. Unlike solutions with a large number of direct integrations, with an integration engine information only needs to be registered once –
regardless of format. It saves time and resources while reducing the risk of errors. Blue Integrator enables a very large number of integrations, including ERP and business systems such as SAP, Microsoft Dynamics 365, Pyramid, Jeeves and Garp.

For more information contact:

Stefan Jörkander, CEO at Connect Companies,, + 46 (0)72-964 80 15
Connect Companies owns and sells the integration engine Blue Integrator.