Web Services

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BlueIntegrator can integrate with Web Services in a number of ways:

(1) The Web Service transport provider can be used to receive messages from Web Services, or send messages to Web Services

(2) Within a Workflow, Web Service activities can be used to invoke Web Services (either the standard InvokeWebService activity, or the simplified Call Web Service Direct Activity)

(3) Within Visual Studio for Applications, Web and WCF References can be added and called from code

(4) The BlueIntegrator Web Service Configuration Wizard can be used to implement and deploy an ASP.Net Web Service around an I/O Queue, which can in turn be bound to a Receive Port (with support for sending a response if required).  To use this wizard, launch the Web Service Configuration Utility installer (a link to this is placed in the Start Menu on installing BlueIntegrator) and follow the instructions presented.  The server on which this Web Service is installed does not need to have BlueIntegrator installed, but the account under which the Application Pool runs does need to have Queue access to the BlueIntegrator configuration store.  In SQLServer, a basic database role called ‘wt_queueOnly‘ has been defined to provide the minimum required access.

Note that the WCF Receive Transport can also be used to expose a Web Service inside BlueIntegrator.