New functionality enhances Blue Integrator’s processing capacity

By utilizing multithreading, an execution model that allows multiple threads to exist concurrently, the latest version of Blue Integrator is now capable of handling throughput of 200 messages per second. The new feature enables companies to process high volumes of data, for example e-commerce sites, and is part of a wider integration solution which is highly flexible, cost-efficient and manages multiple subsystems.

The higher throughput simplifies and improves management of items and balance updates, orders, pricing and HL7.

– As the digital transformation process evolves and data volumes continue to grow at an exponential rate, many companies require access to secure, powerful IT solutions that have the capacity to manage vast volumes of data traffic. E-commerce is an obvious use case where you need built in flexibility and a high degree of capacity to be able to accommodate peak sales during the festive period and on days like Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Our integration engine is reliable, future-proof and delivers on the information management requirements of businesses that require consistently during peak network load. By using multithreading and increasing throughput, we are ensuring Blue Integrator remains at the forefront of modern IT integration, says Stefan Jörkander, CEO of Connect Companies, the company that owns and sells Blue Integrator.