World-class integration

Blue Integrator will transform your business and create an efficient exchange of information between numerous IT systems – your own, customers, suppliers, third party logistics and e-commerce platforms

Blue Integrator integrates your business systems internally and externally

Instead of a large number of direct integrations between different sub-systems, Blue Integrator establishes a cohesive flow of information. By deploying Blue Integrator all of the actors and subsystems that are part of your operations can be easily connected – increasing automation and facilitating the streamlining of operational processes.

Smart Integrations

Helps your company to integrate smartly


Blue Integrator manages XML data from scratch


Communication through an EDIFACT standard


Uses Microsoft SQL Server with an integration engine


Techniques to integrate the engine


Integrating electronic health information


Blue Integrator allows you to easily connect multiple systems into one cohesive system

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Smart integration right from the outset

Planning is key for a successful integration. It is important to integrate intelligently from the start, and this is where the Blue Integrator team will help you get as much as possible from your integration. We have over 20 years of experience of successful integrations and are, therefore, able to provide an expert view on how to create business advantage.

By using words and pictures we will help you visualize theories and practices, and show comparative examples of already completed integrations.