Future-proof your business

What can Blue Integrator do for my business?

Why have multiple subsystems when you can have one that manages all your information in one place? Blue Integrator is an integration engine which collects data and manages its flow in and out of your business.

Blue Integrator – saving you time and eradicating errors

For a modern company, there are high demands for increased digitisation, system changes and management of ever changing consumer behaviour. These are all factors that will create opportunities in both the short and long-term, yet many fear the cost of large-scale, recurring IT projects that these new market challenges may cause. Independent systems can cause instability and take up IT resource – resource you’d prefer to be focussing on new technological innovations.

Import and export

How to use Blue Integrator with SQL Server.

Manage HL7

How to use Blue Integrator with HL7.

SMS and mail services

Send text and mail using Blue Integrator.

Business systems

Future-proofing your business systems

Faster lead times and increased quality

With Blue Integrator, it is possible to pool together different subsystems and large amounts of information. Instead of trying to manage various integrations and subsystems, Blue Integrator collates information flows. It provides quicker lead times, less manual work, increased quality, more automation, enabling you to transform your business and target new business opportunities in the new digital world. All systems in one place.

All systems in one place

In e-commerce, there are several different systems which can manage customers, products, transport, EDI and much more. All of these systems need to work together to ensure that day-to-day operations work efficiently. An escalating number of systems requires more human resource to manage them effectively. Blue Integrator gathers all your systems into one place to provide a consolidated flow of information.  

In summary, Blue Integrator helps you:

  • Gather information from disparate IT systems
  • Manage the flow of information
  • Provide secure systems
  • Reduce manual labour and save resource
Blue Integrator is an integral part of the network that provides security and manages your information flow…