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Blue Integrator gathering your systems

Why have multiple subsystems when you can have one that manages all the information in one place? The integration solution Blue Integrator collects information and manages the flows in and out of your business.

For a modern company, there are high demands for increased digitization, system changes and management of changed consumer behavior. These are all factors that will create opportunities in both the short and long term, yet the risk is high that they will be large-scale, recurring and expensive IT projects. Different systems and problem management take a lot of time and resources from daily work.

Faster lead times and increased quality

With Blue Integrator, it is possible to gether different subsystems and large amounts of information over time. Instead of a large number of direct integrations and subsystems, the integration engine keeps information and flows together. It provides quicker lead times, less manual work, increased quality and brand new opportunities to meet the demands also in the long run.

All systems in one place

In an e-commerce business, there are several different systems, which include managing everything from customers, products to transport, EDI and much more. All of these systems need to work together to ensure that the day-to-day operations work. This creates a host of systems and requires a lot of human resources. Blue Integrator helps you gathering all systems in one place and facilitates the daily work.

Blue Integrator helps you:

  • Gather information from all different systems
  • Manage information
  • Secure systems
  • Save resources


Blue Integrator is simply a secure center in the network that manages information for you!

Import and export

How to use Blue Integrator with SQL Server.

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Manage HL7

How to use Blue Integrator with HL7.

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SMS and mail services

Send text and mail using Blue Integrator.

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Business systems

Use Blue Integrator to integrate your business system.

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