Blue Integrator and SQL

By using Microsoft SQL Server with an integration engine, you get a clear and easy-to-use system as well as great opportunities for both development and expansion.

Blue Integrator and SQL server

Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio provides a clear and simple image of the database and its procedures. In addition, it allows you to easily navigate and make changes.

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What’s SQL?

Microsoft SQL Server is based on something called Transact-SQL, which is the most commonly used type of Structured Query Language (SQL). This means that there are plenty of references and help available. SQL is a standardized programming language for downloading and modifying data to and from relational databases. SQL is a sequence and query based language, meaning it works from top to bottom. In addition, all the information you can retrieve, modify, delete or insert is written as query.

Example query:

Exempel query SQL server

SQL gives you overview and control

By using SQL Server, you get a clear view of multiple servers at once. This makes it easy to set up a test environment where development or expansion can be carried out without affecting daily work or stored data.

SQL Server has functionality that both traces and reads the majority of variables while the procedures are running. There is also the ability to manually import and export.