Blue Integrator

Blue Integrator – 20 years of experience in integration

We are experts in integration.

In 2013, we started the company Connect Companies. Connect Companies advises and assists companies in relation to integrating internal and external IT systems. It was during this time that the significance and potential of Blue Integrator appeared on our radar…

We acquired the source code and rights to Blue Integrator in 2015, and since then have been developing the solution to meet the evolving integration needs of global companies competing in the digital world. Since the acquisition, we have been enhancing the functionality of Blue Integrator and today it is one of the leading integration solutions available to companies that require increased operational efficiencies and speed to market.

Simple and flexible integration

As we found that our customers were more and more in need of linking multiple sources of information in a simple, flexible and secure way, Blue Integrator became an increasingly important tool for our consultancy work and we have made the integration engine a key component of the Connect Companies proposition.

An experienced team

Our employees have been working with integration for over 20 years and our knowledge and expertise has been vital in improving the Blue Integrator offering. Blue Integrator enables us to offer modern integrations solutions which simplify operations and streamline processes. We like to keep things simple, but in a smart way…


Blue Integrator…increasing automation, reducing manual processes and providing signifcant return on investment.

Introducing Björn-Ola Kronander, Martin Lagerqvist, Stefan Jörkander – Blue Integrator’s Board of Directors