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Blue Integrator
for the future

Blue Integrator – 20 years experience in integration

We know about integration and we know it well. Since 2012, we have used BlueIntegrator.com, the integration engine we acquired in 2015. Since then, we have learned, developed and improved BlueIntegrator, and today we dare to call us experts on the integration engine.

In 2013, we started the company Connect Companies. Connect Companies aim to safely and easily assist companies in integration between internal and external systems. It was in this integration that BlueIntegrator became important.

Simple and flexible integration

As we found that our customers were more and more in need of linking multiple sources of information in a simple, flexible and secure way, BlueIntegrator became an increasingly important tool for us in our daily work. In 2015, the software BlueIntegrator’s source code and rights was acquired, and made the integration engine a complete part of Connect Companies.

Over 20 years of experience

Our employees have been working with integration for over 20 years and it is our overall knowledge that we now have added to the BlueIntegrator software. We can proudly show you the best solutions for how to make successful integrations in a simple and smart way using BlueIntegrator, a tool that is used today around the world.


Do like many others and get BlueIntegrator, it makes your company better.

Björn-Ola Kronander, Martin Lagerqvist, Stefan Jörkander