A modern integration solution that makes everyday life easier - and more profitable

Integration for the future


With a modern and user-friendly integration engine, it becomes easier to handle digitization, new workflow requirements, system changes, and increased flow of information.

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Blue Integrator makes it easier to change ERP systems, work in new channels, automate information flows, and add new systems and vendors without manual transfer.

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We will help you get the most out of Blue Integrator.
With great experience, cutting edge technology and support, we are with you throughout the process.

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Case Ted Bernhardtz

Smart integration is a prerequisite for successful digitization   When talking about digital transformation, it is always a case of weighing up the...

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Case Lyreco

Working with the public sector requires a modern integration solution   The public sector is continually tasked with driving business efficiencies...

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Case Golvabia

Golvabia, a Swedish company, produces and sells different types of flooring to retailers and consumers. It´s a business where stock balance, as well as large...

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Case Svalebergs

The Swedish electrical installations market has a total turnover of approximately 8 billion Euro. Of this, a large part includes materials and logistics....

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Case Lideco

Swedish-based Lideco supplies world-leading brands and tool components from its production line to numerous customers and suppliers. Working with consultants...

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Case Elkedjan Nära

Logistics and e-commerce solution provides efficiencies and improved stock management With 145 member companies, Elkedjan is one of Sweden's largest...

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Case Nordic wallpaper

Boråstapeter is Sweden's most well-known and best-selling premium wallpaper. Each year, the company launches around seven collections that are designed and...

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Case Hultafors

World-class products require efficient and cohesive IT support In order to consolidate and strengthen its role as a market leader, Hultafors AB,...

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"Blue Integrator is an effective hub in all of our integrations. Compared to BizTalk, Blue Integrator is a faster and more cost effective alternative."


Golvabia AB