Blue Integrator makes Tranemo more efficient

Tranemo is a leading European supplier of advanced workwear. For several years the company has been growing extensively and now operates in over ten countries. To contribute to a sustainable way of working and to continue its expansion, Tranemo has invested in an automation solution at its logistics centre, AutoStore. With an expected increase in picking efficiency of 30% to 40%, Blue Integrator, the existing integration engine, will now play a central role in Tranemo’s new logistics centre as well.

With Element Logic’s AutoStore, Tranemo expects to be able to handle double-digit growth for five to ten years without having to increase the area of its logistics centre. In the short term, the company also expects to be able to free up around 1,000 square metres that can be used to improve the working environment and create more efficient material flows.

By avoiding construction for new facilities, Tranemo’s logistics centre is also seen as an important success from an environmental and sustainability perspective.

High demands on delivery security and service


“In our business, seamless flows are crucial. This applies to both products and data. To achieve this requires a high degree of integration. We mainly work with large international customers who have very high demands on delivery security and service. To do this, we need to manage and send data between internal and external systems securely and efficiently. This is where Blue Integrator has become an enabler and a central part of our new logistics centre,” comments Lena Jacobsson, IT Manager at Tranemo.

“EDI is a particularly important part of our business. Our customers expect us to offer flexible support for handling electronic flows such as punchout, catalogue, balance, order, and invoice. We also need to have the capacity to handle different file formats in different countries. With Blue Integrator, we can create messages in our business system, Garp, and then communicate between other systems, internally and externally,” continues Lena Jacobsson.

“Blue Integrator has significantly contributed to the successful launch of our new logistics centre AutoStore. With the integration engine and Connect Companies’ expertise in logistics, automation, and business development, we have created ideal conditions to continue streamlining our processes,” said Jonas Sjöö, Operations Manager at Tranemo.

EDI – a summary

Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) is the transfer of structured information according to an agreed format. The term EDI often, but not always, refers to the transfer between companies of information such as inventory balances, catalogue information, orders, order confirmations, delivery notices and invoices.


About Blue Integrator

Blue Integrator’s clearest advantage is that its integration engine is extremely easy to install and use. By supporting standards such as UBL, Peppol, Edifact and X12, it is also very flexible and enables numerous integrations. Instead of registering and retrieving information from many different subsystems, Blue Integrator’s integration engine can manage all information from one place. Unlike solutions with a large number of direct integrations, with an integration engine information only needs to be registered once. It saves time and resources while reducing the risk of errors. Blue Integrator enables a very large number of integrations, including ERP systems such as SAP, Microsoft Dynamics 365, Pyramid, Jeeves and Garp.


About Tranemo

The Tranemo Group was founded in 1934. It has subsidiaries in Norway, Denmark, Finland, Great Britain, Ireland, Benelux, Germany, Switzerland and Portugal, which collectively creates one of Europe’s largest sales and service organizations. Annually, the group globally distributes over 700,000 high-quality protective clothing. The company’s headquarters and logistics centre are located in Tranemo, Sweden, and the majority of production takes place in its own production facilities or in close cooperation with external manufacturers across Europe.


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