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HL7 is an international organization consisting of health professionals who work to create standards for exchange, management and integration of electronic health information.

These standards define how information is communicated through language settings, structures and data types required for a flawless and seamless integration between systems. HL7 standards support clinical practice and management, as well as delivery and evaluation of healthcare services and is the most widely used standard in the world. Blue Integrator supports all HL7 versions from versions 2.1 to 3.0. Version 2.x files are a demarcated form similar to EDI.


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HL7 ADT-message (Admit Discharge Transfer) 

HL7 ADT messages contain patient demographic information for HL7 communication as well as important patient event information, such as when the patient was submitted, printed, moved, etc. Some of the most important segments of an ADT message are the PID segment that deals with patient identification information, the PV1 segment that deals with patient visit information, and sometimes also the IN1 segment, deals with patient insurance information. ADT messages are the most commonly used type of messages in HL7. There are a total of 51 different types of ADT messages that are used for different events. Blue Integrator supports all types of ADT_A01 messages and other types of messages, such as BAR, CRM, etc.

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