Fleet 360 streamlines vehicle management with modern and cost effective integration solution

Fleet 360 offers an innovative and powerful solution for the effective management of vehicles, machines, and tools. Using Fleet 360’s technology, it is possible to collect all vehicle-related data from many different sources onto a single platform. By doing this, everyday business activities such as financing, use, service, and fuel costs are simplified and automated. Customers avoid the complicated issue of managing vehicles and machines, as Fleet 360 provides a modern and secure platform which ultimately saves both time and money.

To obtain information from customers and other parties, Fleet 360 previously used one-to-one integrations where files were manually created and loaded into the system. This process and the various formats that were used eventually became unsustainable to handle. The work was time-consuming and the risk of human error was high. It was also not possible to load data via APIs.

Seamless data flows save time and reduce the risk of errors

After investigating the market and looking at alternative integration solutions, Fleet 360 chose Blue Integrator as its new integration solution. Using Blue Integrator, all files can be converted to comply to an in-house format and pushed into Fleet 360’s software. The integration engine makes it possible to process and manage files far more dynamically. This also applies to files created by users and not just files/data in XML and Excel format. This is especially important as files created and maintained in Excel are more prone to errors. Here, Blue Integrator contributes to detecting, validating and verifying information that is incorrectly filled in by users.

Fleet 360 integrates customer data at the Swedish Transport Agency and via various electronic driving records. With Blue Integrator, it is now possible to create integrations with financial and business systems as well as leasing companies. By handling the customers’ information and importing it into the same system, a seamless flow of data is created. In terms of obtaining an overview, it is also easier to see who is responsible, which cost center the object belongs to, where it is located, how it is booked and who is liable for service, repairs and inspection.

Handles almost all types of files

“We initially looked at how we could create an integration solution in Microsoft Azure, but that turned out to be too expensive. In comparison, Blue Integrator was a very cost-effective and a more flexible alternative. The integration engine is powerful and handles almost all types of files regardless of their format. Some customers also do not want to import all their data. In those cases, it is easy to manage the process with the help of Blue Integrator. The integration engine can, for example, identify and distinguish registration numbers in files that contain a variety of other numbers and characters”, says Erik Forssman, co-founder of Fleet 360.

Erik Forssman, co-founder of Fleet 360

“Blue Integrator also provides considerable time savings, both in the start-up phase when we are working with a new customer, but also in ongoing work. The larger the customer and the more data sources we have to deal with, the greater the time savings. In some cases, we avoid extensive work that would otherwise have been done in Excel. Today, Blue Integrator is a central and necessary part of our everyday business operations and the compilation of data. Provided you have experience in-house, the integration engine creates great opportunities to work more efficiently and safely, says Tit Karlstrand, responsible for support and processes at Fleet 360.

Fleet 360 currently manages a total of over 22,000 entities for customers in Sweden, Norway, Finland, Slovakia, the USA and Mexico. The company has been part of Mainport since January 2022.

Blue Integrator – An Overview

By deploying Blue Integrator, companies in the manufacturing, logistics, retails and e-commerce sectors gain access to a flexible and cost-effective solution that can be used for virtually all types of integrations. Blue Integrator is easy to implement and can work alongside SAP, Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations, Jeeves, and Garp. Unlike traditional direct integration engines, Blue Integrator does not detrimentally affect the operation or performance of the existing ERP system. The integration engine is also extremely cost effective when compared to market alternatives. Blue Integrator is currently being used by over 200 companies globally.

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