From the warehouse to the car – logistics and e-commerce solution provides efficiencies and optimizes stock management

The Swedish electrical installations market has a total turnover of approximately 8 billion Euro. Of this, a large part includes materials and logistics. However, the industry has traditionally lagged behind other sectors in terms of streamlining inventory and purchasing processes.

Despite the fact that few industries are as material-intensive and dependent on keeping track of the warehouse as electrical installers, the work is often manual and clouded by a degree of uncertainty. A commonly asked question is “what is there and where is it?” Svalebergs, which is part of the nationwide chain for electricians Elkedjan, have chosen to simplify and streamline everyday operations with Elkedjan’s modern B2B logistics and e-commerce solution.


– Today it is not enough to be a good electrician, you have to look at the bigger picture and quickly be able to get an overview of your own stock and material flow. Installation work should not have to be delayed or complicated due to poor logistics or lack of materials, comments Svaleberg’s founder and CEO Jonas Johansson.


Simplicity a key success factor

The new logistics and e-commerce solution is based on the integration engine Blue Integrator and has been named Elkedjan Nära. The solution is easily managed with the help of a browser, barcodes, hand scanner and now a smart phone. Every day, electricians are now able to order exactly what they need. The material requested automatically ends up on their work order, which ensures less waste. There is a minimum limit set on all supplies used. When that limit is reached, an automatic order is placed with the associated delivery from Elkedjan’s central warehouse to the member’s warehouse. The solution means that Svaleberg’s and other affiliated member companies are never without important material, and at the same time they are not tying up capital unnecessarily. The system provides a clear balance history and the cost of inventory.


Cars now an integral part of the warehouse

– The solution is based on a relatively advanced IT-system, however it is very easy to use. With the introduction of a new mobile application, the solution is enhanced in such a way that each car becomes part of the warehouse. It gives both the member company and the individual electrician a quick overview of what is in the car. Importantly, the solution is fully compatible with the members’ various ERP-systems. In this way, we can offer a coherent complete solution that is of great benefit in the normal working day, comments Christian Nordemark, responsible for the members’ introduction of Elkedjan Nära.


Better service and increased productivity

– In our business, a seamless and efficient ordering system saves both time and money and provides an immediate pay back. Above all, it creates a workflow which enables electricians to offer customers a better service and well-executed installations. From the company’s perspective, the introduction of Elkedjan Nära has also meant less waste and better productivity. Time previously spent retrieving materials can now be spent installing and getting jobs done. Because the cars have now become part of the warehouse and inventory is far more transparent, the order management process works like clockwork. It saves a lot of time in our business, Jonas Johansson continues.

Examples of benefits:

  • Orders – improved time efficiencies and stock management
  • Less waste – better profitability
  • Simplifying inventory
  • Streamlines the electrician’s installation work
  • Less capital tied up – only ordering what you need
  • Purchases via automated e-commerce
  • Solution connected to business systems

Blue Integrator in Brief

Instead of registering and retrieving information from many different subsystems, Blue Integrator can handle all information from one place. Unlike solutions with a large number of direct integrations, the integration engine only needs to register information once. It saves time and resources and reduces the risk of errors. Blue Integrator is easy to implement, can manage a large number of integrations, and can work alongside the SAP, Jeeves, and Dynamics 365 ERP systems, as well as work order systems such as SoftOne and Fortnox.