Vidinge chooses Blue Integrator for efficient and reliable EDI delivery

Every month, Vidinge, a Swedish company specializing in quality food production and distribution, sells 600 tonnes of washed, pre-cut, and fresh vegetables to several of the Nordic region’s largest wholesalers and grocery chains. As the business has grown, the need to integrate selected parts of its IT infrastructure with customers’ systems has increased. When Vidinge needed a new solution to communicate with customers via Electronic Data Interchange (EDI), they chose to implement Blue Integrator, one of the world’s leading integration engines.

The integration engine is connected to Vidinge’s ERP system AX2012 and is used primarily to manage orders, confirmations, delivery notifications, and invoicing.

– Increasingly our operations and our customers’ operations are driven by automated information workflows. Crucially, this means that information shared needs to be accurate and reliable. From our perspective, Blue Integrator brings a reliability to day-to-day tasks, in a secure manner. It is also scalable, which makes it easy to connect and integrate our systems with new customers. The solution is very flexible and support has been excellent when the need has arisen, comments Carola Sääski, systems manager at Vidinge.

Managing large data flows

– We mainly have customers in the manufacturing industry, which generally covers retail, e-commerce, and logistics. Therefore, it is great that we now working with a producing company like Vidinge and enabling it to grow through a state-of-the-art integration solution, says Stefan Jörkander, CEO of Connect Companies, the company that owns and sells Blue Integrator.

– EDI work is more straightforward and efficient if a company deploys a modern integration engine. When looking at Vidinge’s operations, the installation of Blue Integrator creates more conducive conditions for logically automating and managing large data flows, Stefan Jörkander continues.


Saving time and resources

Instead of registering and retrieving information from many different subsystems, the Blue Integrator integration engine can handle all information from one place. Unlike solutions with a large number of direct integrations, when using Blue Integrator information only needs to be registered once. It saves time and resources and also reduces the risk of errors. For businesses in general, utilizing an integration engine makes it easier to add systems, upgrade, and change processes over time. Blue Integrator is easy to implement and enables a large number of integrations, including SAP, Jeeves, and the Dynamics 365 business systems.


What is EDI?

Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) is the transmission of structured information according to an agreed format. The term EDI often, but not always, refers to the transfer between companies of information such as stock balances, catalogue information, orders, order confirmations, delivery notifications and invoices.