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An EDIFACT invoice declaration, also known as EDIFACT Invoice, is a standard for invoicing management. This type of message is used to claim a payment for goods or services provided under agreed terms between seller and buyer.

Invoice message

When these default invoices get the correct data, they can serve as a debit note or credit note. If a system uses Blue Integrator, it is possible to design these messages as required.

When a seller or other authorized person is to invoice, it’s possible to invoice one or several transactions/orders on the same invoice declaration. An invoice may contain and refer to several items, products or services offered by the seller.

In addition, the invoice may be related to one or several orders, delivery instructions, partial deliveries or contacts. The invoice may also contain payment information and policies, and for export or import it may also contain information for customs and/or statistical purposes/services.


Communication through an EDIFACT standard

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