Blue Integrator – providing full support for integration between Unifaun online and Jeeves/Garp

The Blue Integrator integration engine now offers full support for integration between the TM-system Unifaun online and the ERP-systems Jeeves and Garp. The new functionality is offered as a packaged service where the user pays a monthly fee.

The new solution is based on a complete integration whereby Blue Integrator sends messages between the ERP-systems and Unifaun. Next, the integration engine reads back package information and sends notifications to the end customer. Facilitated by Blue Integrator, the user can operate a fully integrated solution linked to the ERP-systems where all transporters, associated services and add-ons are available.

When ordering or completing the delivery order in the ERP-system, the integration engine initiates a data flow to ensure chosen goods are automatically sent to Unifaun. Subsequently, STE-labels are printed. If appropriate, a shipping note with the subsequent booking order is sent to the to the carrier. End customers can also get a notification that the goods have been shipped with a link for tracking.


Blue Integrators high functionality and flexibility delivers a tailored solution

– In the sectors of transport and logistics, development is driven by increased digitization and the requirements for goods that have been ordered to be in stock and sent quickly to the carrier for delivery. If the customer’s shopping experience is to be positive, this process must be simple and efficient. Today, customers also expect to be able to easily track their package prior to it being delivered. Given these consumer demands, our new integration provides clear benefits at several stages during the delivery process, says Stefan Jörkander, CEO of Connect Companies, the company that owns Blue Integrator.

– Different business systems are structured in different ways and therefore require an integration approach that is unique to each system. Because Blue Integrator has high functionality and flexibility, it is possible to create modern integration solutions that can be tailored to the individual needs of each system. Blue Integrator can seamlessly manage change, its future-proof design also means it is able to adapt to new requirements, concludes Stefan Jörkander.


About Blue Integrator

With Blue Integrator, it is possible to integrate different subsystems and large amounts of information over time. Instead of many direct integrations between different subsystems, the integration engine keeps information and flows together. It provides shorter lead times, more automation, increased quality, simpler operations and has the functionality to manage future customer requirements and needs.


TM-system in short

TM stands for transport management. A TM-system is used to simplify communication between the carrier and the transport buyer. The system can be independent or integrated with, for example, an ERP-system, storage system (WMS) or an e-commerce platform.