Introducing Blue Integrator 4.1 – enhanced performance and extended functionality

The new version of the Blue Integrator integration engine includes a number of updates that enables organisations to manage even larger data volumes. The improvements make Blue Integrator an even more powerful and cost-effective integration solution for companies in e-commerce, manufacturing industry, retail, and logistics.

In the latest version, performance has been optimized so that more messages can be processed in parallel. The integration engine now has ten times more capacity to handle data flows. Improved mapping and schedule management provide additional time savings and increased flexibility. Version 4.1 also has increased support for integration with SAP and can now handle RFC communication. In addition to SAP, Blue Integrator has ready-made integrations with Dynamics 365, Jeeves, and Garp ERP-systems. Unlike traditional direct integration, Blue Integrator will not detrimentally affect the operation and performance of the existing ERP-system.


Easy implementation and fast results


– As e-commerce, logistics and other industries evolve and data management challenges escalate, the need for an effective integration solution has never been greater. Blue Integrator has been developed with ease of use in mind, to ensure that companies can quickly deploy an automated solution for sharing and collaborating on information in real time between different IT systems. The risk of error has also been minimized as the same data can be sent out or retrieved from several systems independently of each other. With 4.1, we have strived to meet new market requirements and anticipate new trends to ensure our engine remains at the forefront of modern integration, says Stefan Jörkander, CEO of Connect Companies, the company that owns and sells Blue Integrator.

– By deploying Blue Integrator alongside our existing ERP-system, we have reduced the number of integrations required from around 2,000 to 50, says Claes Rylander, E-Commerce Manager at Lyreco.



Increased e-commerce drives technological advancements


Today, effective tools are required to respond to supply and demand in the e-commerce chain, quickly adjust prices for products, introduce and use different payment solutions, or change carriers. Integration has become a crucial factor in merging disparate data sets. This is when Blue Integrator becomes an enabler that can gather information to ensure business and management decisions are made on the latest data in real time.

– Amazon’s entry into the Swedish e-commerce market has of course impacted many players. Blue Integrator is no exception and we are in the process of developing new support to effectively connect to this type of e-commerce site. Very soon we will be in a position to offer pre-configured ports for Amazon. This will make it even easier to set up an integration flow between individual companies and Amazon, comments Stefan Jörkander.

Blue Integrator is used for integration with e-commerce and web platforms such as Lithium, Magento, Woocommerce, Bigcommerce, Drupal, Jetshop and Mirakl.

Existing customers can download the latest version of Blue Integrator free of charge. New users can download a 100 day free trial here»