Lideco – saving time and improving quality through digitalization

Swedish-based Lideco supplies world-leading brands and tool components from its production line to numerous customers and suppliers. Working with consultants from Connect Companies and by deploying a modern integration solution, Lideco has digitized and automated a vast amount of its processes relating to quotation requests and order management. For Lideco, the new solution has resulted in considerable time savings, while minimizing the risk of manual errors and typos.

Lideco’s customers are constantly reviewing and looking to streamline operations, however they still expect high availability of product and secure delivery. Ensuring a safe and prompt handling of requests, quotation orders, order confirmations and delivery is therefore absolutely crucial to maintaining seamless operations.

Integrating various customer and supplier systems

“By using the Blue Integrator integration engine, we can now effectively manage various types of customer and supplier files and systems. We now have a platform which can manage and process huge amounts of data in an orderly fashion. By gathering information in a standardised way, we can communicate quickly with both customers and suppliers. As we all know, time is money and a short turnaround creates cost efficiencies at every stage of the fulfilment process”, says Lideco’s CEO Peter Nilsson.

Saving time…from a day to an hour

Today, Lideco efficiently imports around 60 percent of its orders via the new system, it is expected that soon more than two thirds of its order lines will be processed via the integration engine.

“By using the Blue Integrator integration engine, we can now effectively manage various types of customer and supplier files and systems.”, says Lideco’s CEO Peter Nilsson.

“Within an hour, we are now able to respond to between 150 to 200 order line requests. Before our collaboration with Connect Companies and the implementation of Blue Integrator, such requests could take up to a day to process as we had to manually enter all the order lines – the customer’s position number, order number and much more. Now our operations are far more automated. There are also great advantages to having a unified platform, as it no longer matters whether an order comes from our e-commerce system, order import or from our suppliers”, Peter Nilsson continues.

Less administration – more time for advice and business expansion

With the new solution, Lideco has freed up administration time which can now be used to provide advice. Additionally, more time can now be spent on evolving and growing the business.

“It is important to have a culture that stimulates new ideas which can be used to enhance existing routines and processes. Connect Companies has not only helped streamline our system integrations, their consultants have provided added value through their broad knowledge of business and enterprise environments. During the course of our cooperation they have contributed many good ideas. We feel that the collaboration has been beneficial to both parties”, concludes Peter Nilsson.

Lideco’s customers include large organisations in the automotive, ventilation and construction industries.


The integration solution in brief:

  • Time saving – significantly less administration
  • Increased quality – less manual work, fewer error sources, no typos
  • Comprehensive solution – communicates with both customers and suppliers


About Blue Integrator

By deploying Blue Integrator, companies gain access to a flexible and cost-effective solution that can be used for virtually all types of integrations. Blue Integrator is easy to implement and can work alongside the SAP, Jeeves, Garp and Dynamics 365 ERP systems. Unlike traditional direct integration engines, Blue Integrator does not detrimentally affect the operation or performance of the existing ERP system. The integration engine is also extremely cost effective when compared to market alternatives. Blue Integrator is currently being used by over 200 companies globally.

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