Alpi Sweden chooses Blue Integrator for time and efficiency gains with haulage companies

The transport and logistics company Alpi Sweden has chosen Blue Integrator’s technology to enable it to integrate its IT systems with suppliers and haulage companies. The deployment of Blue Integrator will provide significant time savings while eliminating the risk of errors caused by manual handling.

The new integration solution means that Alpi Sweden’s Freight Forwarding system Xsped is connected with the hauliers’ transport planning system (TMS), Opter. Instead of manually calling different haulage companies to book and confirm each drive, it is now possible to just press a button and Blue Integrator converts the drive order to Opter’s format.

“Given that we handle 450 to 500 runs every week, this solution provides substantial time savings. This will mean that our employees can spend more time on work which will add real value to our organisation. It benefits both our customers and Alpi”, said Pontus Lövgren at Alpi Sweden.

“Logistics operations are often based on repetitive events which means that through the use of technology processes can be automated and made more efficient. However, the industry is relatively conservative and much of the work is still based on the use of paper, pencil, and telephone. Therefore, we are delighted that Alpi Sweden had the foresight to recognise the advantages that a modern integration solution could provide, said Stefan Jörkander, CEO of Connect Companies, the company that owns and sells Blue Integrator.


About Blue Integrator

A clear advantage of Blue Integrator is that it’s extremely easy to install and use. By supporting standards such as UBL, Peppol, Edifact and X12, it is also very flexible and supports numerous integrations. Instead of registering and retrieving information from many different subsystems, Blue Integrator’s integration engine can manage all information from one place. Unlike solutions with a large number of direct integrations, with an integration engine information only needs to be registered once – regardless of format. It saves time and resources while reducing the risk of errors. Blue Integrator enables a very large number of integrations, including ERP and business systems such as SAP, Microsoft Dynamics 365, Pyramid, Jeeves and Garp.

For more information contact:
Stefan Jörkander, vd Connect Companies,, +46 (0)72-964 80 15

Connect Companies owns and sells the integration engine Blue Integrator.