BM Catalysts Reaps the Benefits of the Latest Version of Blue Integrator

BM Catalysts, Europe’s leading manufacturer of aftermarket Catalytic Converters, DPFs and Front Pipes, is a long standing customer of Blue Integrator and has recently upgraded to the latest version of the integration engine.

About BM Catalysts

BM Catalysts has an ethos of continual investment and improvement to deliver the best possible working partnerships. It has a clear focus on exceeding the aftermarket’s expectations on quality. With a firm belief in partnerships, BM Catalysts helps its customers increase profits, by offering a wider range of bespoke solutions to ensure partners and customers have the very best choice available. It invests in quality and has developed its own best in class manufacturing processes. What really sets it apart though, is that it can help customers and partners to reduce their stock holdings, while offering more choice to ultimately increase profits.

BM Catalysts range includes:

  • Industry-leading stock availability with up to 60,000 parts kept in stock at all times
  • More than 28 million vehicles in the UK and 200 million vehicles in Europe can currently benefit from its aftermarket products

The company has purposely developed its range so that distributors can carry the widest range of stock, without the need for large stock holdings. Its stock levels means that it can dispatch 99.9% of orders on the same day they are received. Ensuring a safe and prompt handling of requests, quotation orders, order confirmations and delivery is therefore absolutely crucial to maintaining seamless operations, which is where Blue Integrator steps in.

Blue Integrator and BM Catalysts

By using Blue Integrator, BM Catalysts can efficiently deal with various file formats and systems available to the company’s customers and suppliers. Instead of numerous direct integrations between BM Catalysts different subsystems, the deployment of Blue Integrator has resulted in one coherent flow of information. In addition, the integration solution has provided significant time savings while minimizing the risk of errors caused by manual work and typing errors.

Stan Harper, IT Manager at BM Catalysts, elaborates: “With the older version of Blue Integrator we were limited to file formats with xml and csv formats, and these were mainly processed by ftp transfers. With the improvements and added features of the upgraded program, we are now discussing transferring all of our integration solutions internally.”

Harper continued: “Blue Integrator is a cost effective solution that is simple to use, which means we don’t have to employ a specialist to get work done – it does it all for us. I’ve never known it to go wrong. We just leave it running and rarely have to check it. Any errors are invariably the fault of other things, rather than Blue Integrator. The best thing about Blue Integrator? Reliability, closely followed by its ease of use.”

For BM Catalysts, the integration solution provides the following top-line benefits:

  • Time saving – significantly less administration
  •  Increased quality and fewer sources of error
  • Provides a full overview of stock and simplifies inventory
  • Makes installations and planning more efficient
  • Increases profitability and reduces material wastage

Blue Integrator – An Overview

By deploying Blue Integrator, companies in the manufacturing, logistics, retails and e-commerce sectors gain access to a flexible and cost-effective solution that can be used for virtually all types of integrations. Blue Integrator is easy to implement and can work alongside SAP, Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations, Jeeves, and Garp.

Unlike traditional direct integration engines, Blue Integrator does not detrimentally affect the operation or performance of the existing ERP system. The integration engine is also extremely cost effective when compared to market alternatives. Blue Integrator is currently being used by over 200 companies globally.