AS2 Support

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BlueIntegrator supports AS2 through AS2 send and receive transports. AS2 or Applicability Statement 2 is a specification controlling how data is transported securely and reliably over the Internet. Security is enforced with AS2 through the use of digital certificates and an encryption algorithm. To use AS2, BlueIntegrator must be configured to handle these formats.  See AS/2 for more information on AS2 support in BlueIntegrator.

To receive AS2 messages, BlueIntegrator must have at least one AS2 Gateway ready to receive messages. A received AS2 message is placed in the AS2 Inbox by the BlueIntegrator Gateway, from which it is picked up by the BlueIntegrator Receive Ports.

An AS2 message to be sent is moved from the BlueIntegrator Sent Port to the AS2 Outbox.

AS2 auditing of messages can be enabled, recording all AS2 format messages being processed by BlueIntegrator – this option needs to be enabled in System Settings.

You can view the contents of the AS2 Inbox and Outbox by clicking on their respective entries in the BlueIntegrator Explorer tree: