It is possible to write customized transports for Blue Integrator. For this purpose the base classes SmartsIntegrator.Extensibility.ReceiveTransportBase and SmartsIntegrator.Extensibility.SendTransportBase are provided. The functions that need implementing are listed below:

1) for ReceiveTransportBase

public abstract void Initialise(
                          string transportName,
                          string portId,
  System.Collections.IDictionary transportParameters );     Initialization

public abstract bool GetMessage(
            out System.IO.Stream messageContents,
          out System.Collections contextParameters,         Main polling function to receive a Message. 
                             out object callBackContext);   Return null if no message to receive. public abstract void CommitReceivedMessage( 
                          object callBackContext,
  System.Collections.IDictionary contextParameters );       Commits a received message public abstract bool CancelReceivedMessage(
                          object callBackContext );         Cancels a received message  public abstract System.Windows.Forms.Control[]              Returns a set of controls to be displayed
                                        GetTabPages( );     as Property Pages

2) for SendTransportBase

public abstract void Initialise( string portId,
                                 string transportName,
         System.Collections.IDictionary transportParameters);     Initialization

public abstract System.IO.Stream SendMessage(
                       System.IO.Stream messageContents,
         System.Collections.IDictionary contextParameters);       Main send logic

public abstract System.Windows.Forms.Control[] GetTabPages( );    Returns a set of controls
                                                                  to be displayed

For more information on the above classes see extensibility. For information about adding them into Blue Integrator see Adding a transport.