While Activity

The While Activity behaves similarly to that of the WHILE statement in programming languages. Once dropped into a workflow a flow loop will be visible within the workflow. Further Activities dropped into the loop will be repeatedly executed while a specified condition is met.

To set the condition first choose an option from the Condition property pull down menu. Choose Declarative Rule Condition for a simple expression or Code condition to write a method in VSTA or(None) for a default branch. After you have chosen the Condition property a plus [+] sign will appear to expand further properties. If you have chosen Declarative Rule Condition an Expression property will be available for you to provide a boolean expression along with a ConditionName property for you to add a name. If you have chosen Code Condition a property will be available for you to name a method. Once named the VSTA App will initialize, providing the empty method for editing.

Below is a simplified typical While Activity: the While Activity is prefixed by a Code Activity to set a loop counter and an Increment Activity is nested within a Sequence Activity.