Blue Integrator has a number of features facilitating safe and easy deployment :

  1. The centralized configuration model means that changes made become live across all Servers as required without machine-by-machine action being required.

  2. Assemblies referenced by the solution can be stored in the configuration store (via the Blue Integrator Explorer, Static Configuration | Assemblies tree node), and will be loaded automatically from this store by all Servers as required.  For example if your VSTA code or custom Functoid references a third-party assembly, you can register it here to avoid having to install it physically on all machines.

  3. Individual Blue Integrator Servers can also be flagged to ‘Use Deployed Versions rather than Latest’.  Schemas, Maps and Workflows can all be Deployed via the Blue Integrator Explorer, that is a particular version can be specified as the deployed version.  Where a Server has this flag set, it will only use the deployed versions (where they exist).  Hence a release Server can be configured to carry on running a known version whilst developers and testers work on a modified version.

  4. A selective and intelligent import/export feature allows for moving data between physical deployments where it is desired not to have a common configuration store.