Using Functoids

A Functoid is a function that can be linked into a map.  Blue Integrator comes with a library of predefined Functoids, and you can define new functoids as needed.

The Functoid palette is displayed in the top-right portion of the Map Editor, where all Functoids are categorized into groups.  For example the ‘Concatenate’ functoid from the ‘String Functoids’ group will concatenate strings together. When a Functoid is selected, the properties are displayed in the Properties Form.

To use a Functoid, drag it from the Functoid palette onto a page of the Map.  Then drag the input parameters it requires to the left (input) section, and the output values from the right-hand side to where it needs to go (a node in the output document tree, or another functoid).  You can specify an explicit scope for the Functoid by dragging a link its top. When you do this, the scope is evaluated in addition to the Page Scope to determine whether to execute the Functoid.

You can get additional information about a Functoid when it is selected from the properties pane in the Map editor, including the description.  Double-clicking on a Functoid launches the Functoid properties page, from which you can view and assign Functoid parameters including literal values – typically though parameters will be automatically assigned when you drag links into a Functoid.  You can also view and customize configuration pages for the Functoid selected.