WCF Transport

Blue Integrator supports WCF (Windows Communication Foundation) transports.  They are configured in the Ports section as with any other transport.

The WCF Receive Transport effectively enables you to host a WCF Service within a Blue Integrator Server.  You specify the Name, Binding, Namespace, URL (which can contain a %MachineName% token for the local machine name), security options, parameters and return value.  Parameters and return values can be atomic or generated from a Blue Integrator Schema, and you can edit the generated configuration Xml as required.  Any WCF headers received are promoted into Message Context properties.

The WCF Send Transport allows you to call an external WCF Service, and is initialized from a MetaData URL :

Here you specify the URL and method, plus any headers (which are copied from the Message Context).  Blue Integrator will prompt to generate a Schema for the parameters (and the return value if appropriate) as required, and the Service is invoked by sending an instance of this Parameter Schema or the atomic Message data to the Port.