Conditioned Activity Group

The Conditioned Activity Group can contain a number of activity sequences. The WhenCondition property in each sequence is evaluated in turn, and the first which evaluates to true is executed. The process is repeated until a global UntilCondition property evaluates to true. Below is an example of a Conditional Activity Group (GAC) which contains three sequences. The equivalent pseudo-code is shown alongside.


WHILE UntilCondition = FALSE

     IF seq1Condition


     ELSE IF seq2Condition


     ELSE IF seq3Condition




NOTE The reason for the ERROR clause in this example is as follows: if none of the sequence conditions evaluates to true, no sequence is taken, which means that the UntilCondition would always evaluate to the same, potentially causing an infinite loop; instead an exception will occur.

For more information on Conditioned Activity Groups see Workflow Basics – Loops.