Adding a Custom Workflow Activity

Blue Integrator allows you to register custom WWF Workflow Activities for use in Blue Integrator Workflows.  See the Extensibility topic for further details.

To add a new custom WWF Workflow Activity to Blue Integrator, expand the Custom WorkfloExtensibility.htmw Activity subsection under the Static Configuration title.  The right pane of the window will show any existing custom Workflow Activities.  To add a new custom Workflow Activity, click the Add Activity… button at the bottom of the pane.

When you click the Add Activity button the Browse Activity dialog appears:

Use the drop-down list next to Select Assembly to choose the assembly you want to add the custom Workflow Activity from, or select <Browse> to select a new assembly.  After choosing the assembly, use the Select Activity drop-down list to select from the available Workflow Activities defined in that assembly.  An error message will be displayed if there are no custom Workflow Activities available in this assembly.