MSMQ Transport

The MSMQ Transport Provider allows you to receive messages in the form of items from a specified MSMQ path, and similarly send messages as outgoing MSMQ items.

The Receive Transport Provider just requires you to configure the queue path, whether authentication is required, and whether you intend this Receive Port to be run across multiple servers in which case the operation needs to be transactioned to prevent the same file being picked up by multiple Servers.  Context properties ReceivePath, ReceiveLocationType, MSMQLabel, MSMQAuthenticated, MSMQSentTime, MSMQSenderId and MSMQArrivedTime are all set on incoming Messages.

The Send Transport Provider requires you to configure the queue path, plus the Label, priority and security options, and optionally a receipt queue path. If a receipt queue path is specified, Blue Integrator will check this path for receipts – this is only relevant if the Expect Receipt Send Port option is set.