What is BlueIntegrator?

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BlueIntegrator is a scalable messaging system designed to allow messages from different applications flow to each other, easily and without extensive customization of each application.  The advantage of this approach is that by having all messaging handled by a single messaging application, better control over the messages are realized, customization of each application that will send and receive messages from other applications is simplified, and distribution of tasks over a wide architecture allows for more efficiency in the network itself. A major advantage of using a tool like BlueIntegrator is that message formats can be converted and filtered according to specific rules and patterns created once, in BlueIntegrator, instead of having to embed conversion and filtering logic in other applications.  Finally, when adding new applications to a network, they need only be configured to message BlueIntegrator and then all applications on the network can be addressed.


BlueIntegrator uses Ports to handle Messages, inbound and outbound. Messages are received by BlueIntegrator through a Receive Port, and then can be transformed (mapped) and processed according to rules, filters and Workflows as required, before leaving the system through one or more Send Ports.  If the Receive Port is bound to a Workflow, a Workflow Instance can be created and executed as part of the process.

Messages handled by BlueIntegrator can be in many formats (such as XML, positional, delimited or binary), and BlueIntegrator supports encryption and decryption of message contents, as well as enveloping and compression or decompression at the Port level.  Additional properties can be attached to messages as they are processed.

BlueIntegrator contains integrated Microsoft Visual Studio for Applications, so customized logic can be developed and incorporated for Maps and Workflows in VB.Net or C#.