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BlueIntegrator supports HL7 versions 2 (2.1 through to 2.6) and 3.

HL7 version 2 is EDI based, and internally a flat-file parser / assembler is used to convert incoming and outgoing documents to and from Xml format for processing within BlueIntegrator.  This conversion is specified by setting the IsFlatFile property of the top-level schema in the BlueIntegrator Schema Editor to HL7_V2X.

HL7 version 3 is Xml based, and uses native BlueIntegrator functionality.

HL7 schemas can be imported into BlueIntegrator by selecting the Schemas node in the BlueIntegrator Explorer tree, and then clicking the Import HL/7 Schemas… link on the right under the list of schemas.  Alternatively the Special Schemas… item can be selected from the Tools menu of the BlueIntegrator Schema Editor.

A form is then displayed, allowing HL7 schemas for selected messages relating to a specific HL7 version to be imported into the current database ready for use.  All dependent schemas are also automatically imported.

For information on using this functionality see Special Schemas: HL/7 Files.