HL7 Support

Blue Integrator supports HL7 versions 2 (2.1 through to 2.6) and 3.

HL7 version 2 is EDI based, and internally a flat-file parser / assembler is used to convert incoming and outgoing documents to and from Xml format for processing within Blue Integrator.  This conversion is specified by setting the IsFlatFile property of the top-level schema in the Blue Integrator Schema Editor to HL7_V2X.

HL7 version 3 is Xml based, and uses native Blue Integrator functionality.

HL7 schemas can be imported into Blue Integrator by selecting the Schemas node in the Blue Integrator Explorer tree, and then clicking the Import HL/7 Schemas… link on the right under the list of schemas.  Alternatively the Special Schemas… item can be selected from the Tools menu of the Blue Integrator Schema Editor.

A form is then displayed, allowing HL7 schemas for selected messages relating to a specific HL7 version to be imported into the current database ready for use.  All dependent schemas are also automatically imported.

For information on using this functionality see Special Schemas: HL/7 Files.