Workflows are used to process messages in specific ways, triggered by a number of different criteria.  Workflows are designed in the Workflow Editor, and are based on the Microsoft Windows Workflow Foundation components.

When a message arrives at a Blue Integrator Receive Port bound to a Receive Port Message Activity, Blue Integrator checks whether an existing Workflow instance applies.  If not, a new Workflow instance is created. So, every Workflow must contain at least one Receive Message Activity if it is to be invoked directly.  Workflows that are called from other Workflow Instances do not have to contain a Receive Port Message Activity.

In order to execute, a Workflow must be bound (meaning the Receive and Send Message Activities must be linked to physical Receive and Send Ports).  A workflow can be bound more than once. Workflow bindings are configured in the Workflow tree control.

See: A Simple Workflow Example for a step-by-step guide to creating a simple workflow.