SharePoint Integration

An I/O Queue can be synchronized with a SharePoint list.  In this way, an entry in the list (with the columns properly configured in the I/O Queue) will be created every time an entry in the I/O Queue is created (and similarly will be deleted when the I/O Queue entry is deleted).

To configure this option, on the SharePoint tab of the I/O Queue Properties form, specify the SharePoint site URL and list name (the list will be created if it doesn’t already exist), plus the name of a server that will run the synchronization process. (See Adding an IO Queue for more information.)

Blue Integrator provides a component to render the form associated with the I/O Queue in SharePoint.  SharePoint requires the registration of a Blue Integrator control called BlueIntegratorSharePointDeploy.WSP (included with Blue Integrator in the SharePointDeploy folder). The 
BlueIntegratorSharePointDeploy.WSP file will create a control called WhizForms.BlueIntegratorWebControl.

You can use WhizForms.BlueIntegratorWebControl on your site on any page that contains a SharePoint list control relating to the synchronized list. This SharePoint list control (as a provider) should be connected to the SmartsIntegator rendering component (WhizForms.BlueIntegratorWebControl) as a consumer via the Connections design-time menu item.

You also need to set the ConnectionString property to refer to the SmartsIntegator configuration store.

 NOTE You can view your current Blue Integrator connection string as used by Blue Integrator Explorer by looking at registry location HKEY_CURRENT_USER/Software/BlueIntegrator/GUIConnectionString.

Your form control will then be populated every time an item is selected in the list control.