Complete Functoid List

Advanced Functoids

Call Nested Map Call Nested XML Code Functoid Collection Accessor Collection Enumerator Count Default Value Functoid Duplicate Suppress Multi-Channel Collection Enumerator Multi-Channel Enumerator Channel Select Passive Value Functoid Value Change

Constant Functoids

Constant Constant Value Map

Cumulative Functoids

Cumulative Functoids aggregate all supplied values during execution of a map. For example the ‘Cumulative Sum’ functoid sums all values of a field into a single output value, thus for example you could easily work out the total order value from a set of order lines. Cumulative Functoid scope parameter behaves slightly differently from other Functoids.  The optional scope input, specified by dragging a link to the top of the functoid, is used to determine the scope of the aggregation.  (A separate aggregation is maintained per scope.)  The scope can be any input node or any calculated value, including output from another Functoid.  If the scope is not specified, it is taken as Global, and all instances within the document (subject to the Page scope) are aggregated. Convert to Integer Is Number Concatenate Count Distinct Count First Last Maximum String Maximum Mean Minimum String Minimum Sum

Database / Table Functoids

Database Table Functoid Database Value Functoid DataRow Field Extractor DataSet Table Selector Make Table Table Lookup Table Row Count Table Row Enumerator Table Row Extractor

Date / Time Comparison Functoids

Equals Greater than or Equals Greater Than Less than or Equals Less than Not Equals

Date / Time Functoids

BlueIntegrator comes with an array of Date/Time Functoids, for returning the current date or time, parsing, formatting, comparing and arithmetic. These Functoids are grouped under the Date/Time and Date/Time Comparison headings. Date Add Date Difference Date/Time Format Date/Time Parse Now (Date) Now (Date/Time) Now (Time) Time Add Time Parse

HL/7 Functoids


Logical Functoids

BlueIntegrator defines AND, OR, NOT and Exists Functoids allowing the combination of logical / boolean values.  The AND and OR Functoids take an unlimited number of boolean arguments (e.g. from Comparison Functoids, document elements or other Logical Functoids), the NOT functoid takes a single boolean argument, and the Exists Functoid takes a single scope argument.  All these Functoids return a single boolean value. AND EXISTS EXISTS and not empty NOT OR

Flow Control Functoids

If/Then/Else If/Then Contional Go Contional Stop Contional Stop if Null or Empty

Numeric Comparison Functoids

Equals Greater than or Equal Greater Than Less than or Equal Less than Not Equal Between

Numeric Functoids

BlueIntegrator provides a number of Functoids for numeric arithmetic and scientific function operations. NOTE The addition and multiplication functoids can take any number of parameters. Abs Add Percent Add Divide Log Maximum Minimum Multiply Power Remainder Square Root Subtract

String Comparison Functoids

Equals Greater than or Equals Greater Than Less than or Equals Less than Not Equal

String Functoids

BlueIntegrator provides an array of Functoids to support string operations. All string indexes are 1-based, that is 1 is the index of the first character.  NOTE The Concatenate Functoid, one of the most frequently used as it concatenates strings or string representations together, can take any number of parameters. Concatenate First Word Last Word Length Pad Split String Find String Format String Replace Substring To Lower To NameCase To Upper Trim

XML Functoids

Deep Copy Literal XML Merge XML XPath Expression XSL Transformation