Application Scope

There is no equivalent concept in Blue Integrator of the BizTalk ’Application’ scope.

Instead Blue Integrator supports the organization of most items into hierarchical folders (by simply using forward-slash characters in your name to define the folder structure – for example a port called Customers/ABC/Port1 would define a three level hierarchical structure). This allows you to organise your items as you wish, and avoids having to deal with large monolithic lists. Where different applications share resources, this is our recommended approach.

SmartsIntregrator also readily supports multiple databases, in a way that BizTalk does not. You can change the active database at any point by right-clicking in the Blue Integrator Explorer tree and selecting Connect… Additionally you can specify a Blue Integrator connection string as a command-line parameter. For example:

BlueIntegratorExplorer.EXE Data Source=myServerAddress;Initial Catalog=myDataBase;Integrated Security=SSPI

Where different applications do not share resources, we recommend keeping them in separate databases.