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BlueIntegrator has extensive support for receipts.

  1. Port Level

    At a port level, a Send Port can specify an associated Receive Port to receive receipts, and correlation parameters (based upon Context properties) to correlate a received receipt with a sent Message.

    The fields on the Receipt tab allow you to set the Send Port to handle a receipt generated by the destination based on the messages sent:

    • Expect a Receipt on Port: if checked, BlueIntegrator will expect a receipt to be received on the specified port. If not checked, no receipt is expected.  If a receipt is expected, the rest of the Receipt tab becomes active and allows you to further specify handling and properties of the receipt message.
    • Correlation Properties: shows the correlating properties for a receipt, matching sent properties with receipt properties. You can use the Add Correlation section to build the expected receipt message properties.
  2. MSMQReceipts can also be requested for the MSMQ transport, by specifying a receipt queue on the properties page :

  3. AS2

    AS2 is inherrently reliable, and supports a secure receipt model at its’ core – see the AS2 topic for further details.