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A BlueIntegrator Server is a processing unit.  More than one server can run on a single machine, with each server running under a specified user account which defines access rights to external resources.  Each server runs as a Windows Service, though BlueIntegrator automates this configuration.  Without any servers, no work can be performed by the system.

Specific servers can be set to run Windows Workflow. At least one server must run this in order for BlueIntegrator Workflows to be applied to messages.  Additionally, one or more servers can be configured to send email via SMTP.  Emails sent from within BlueIntegrator are queued to be sent by servers configured to send email.  Message Receive Ports and Send Ports are associated with servers through the Receive Port Configuration Form and Send Port Configuration.

Individual servers can be Started and Stopped as required, though it should not generally be necessary to restart a Server after any configuration change. See Starting a Server and Stopping a Server for more information.

Each server has a .Net configuration file that can be edited if required.  This file is named BlueIntegrator_<ServerName>.exe.config, and is found in the BlueIntegrator installation folder on the machine concerned.

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