De-enveloping Messages

A Receive Port can de-envelope.  Consider the following scenario:

You have a simple schema (called Schema1) relating to a customer account, of the form

<Account Number=”12345678″ Balance=”100.00″/>

An application delivers customer account details in batch, in the following form (called Schema2):

        <Account Number="12345678" Balance="100.00"/>
        <Account Number="23456789" Balance="-100.00"/>
        <Account Number="34567890" Balance="50.00"/>

You can access individual account records by de-enveloping the message received at the Receive Port.  To do this, on the General tab of the Receive Port Configuration Form, specify Schema1 as the Receive Port schema, and Schema2 as the Envelope schema.  Blue Integrator will automatically locate the Account records, and break each Schema2 document into multiple Schema1 documents.