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Schemas define the structure of a message.  Schema always relates to an XML schema definition (XSD), although the schema can be instructed to behave like a flat file schema.

The Schemas section under the BlueIntegrator Explorer window lists all schemas defined in BlueIntegrator. Schemas are defined in the BlueIntegrator Schema Editor (see Creating a Schema).

A schema consists of:

  • XSD (to define the XML schema)
  • Flat-File attributes
  • A default character set
  • Zero or more schemas to be included
  • Zero or more schemas to be imported


Many of the following schemas are created in library folders to make organization easier. Folders can be introduced by saving items (not just schemas) with a ‘/’ (slash) in the name. For example saving a schema as MyLibrary/MySchema would create a folder called MyLibrary.

Special Schemas

BlueIntegrator also supports mapping of additional physical forms. These can be accessed from the Special Schemas window:

Electronic Data Interchange

BlueIntegrator converts schemas between EDI and Xml as required. See EDI Support for more information.

HL/7 Support

BlueIntegrator supports HL/7 (versions 2.x up to 3.0). See HL/7 Support.

Direct CSV File Support

BlueIntegrator now supports CSV and other delimited files directly. See CSV and Delimited Files.